The Two Moor Way

The Two Moors Way is a long-distance walking route between Ivybridge on the southern edge of Dartmoor and Lynmouth on the North Coast of Exmoor, comprehensively way marked except on the open moorland sections. It has a total length of 102 miles (163 km), making it an ideal week's walk. The Two Moors Way passes by Little Owl and is ideal for walkers. Dog print
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Knowstone Moor

The Knowstone and Rackenford Moors are Devon Wildlife Trust Nature Reserves and offer one of the largest remaining areas of Culm grassland. They consist of a mixture of wet grassland, heath, bog and scrub and support a wild diversity or wildlife. The reserve has rich flora, including such species as heath spotted orchid, marsh violet, devil's-bit scabrious, bog asphodel and bogbean. The animal life is also abundant. The reserve supports 28 species of butterflies, including the rare marsh fritillary, and a variety of birds including curlew, stonechat and willow warbler and, in the winter, woodcock and snipe. Red deer are a common site. Dog print
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North Devon & Exmoor Walking Festival 2010

Spring - 29th April to 7th May / Autumn - 1st to 4th October
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Knowstone moor lake